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Enjoy supreme heat output and burn efficiency with the REDWOOD log fire - especially constructed to keep open plan spaces and large rooms in your home warm and comfortable.


The RAVENHALL wood heater is a fire like no other. Built to efficiently heat rooms up to 190m2, the RAVENHALL also provides a sturdy radiant top which can be used for cooking, a practical built-in ash drawer to make cleaning easier, and a handy wood storage space in a beautiful VHT black finish.


The RIVERSTONE wood fire is the perfect heating solution for small and medium rooms. Its large 8mm radiant top plate can be used for cooking, and its built-in ashpan ensures that disposal of ash is as easy and convenient as possible.


The ROYSTON wood heater combines efficiency and style - this fire heats small to medium areas up to 150m2 with a 62% efficiency, while providing a handy storage for firewood that allows you to keep your home organised and stylish.


The REDBANK is a radiant and convection heater for rooms up to 150m2. This wood fire features a flat radiant top that allows for cooking, and a built-in ash pan to ensure the disposal of ash is easy and convenient.


The RYLSTONE is a practical wood heating solution for large spacious areas. This heater is lined with masonry fire bricks and equipped with a steel baffle to provide for a more efficient burn, while its removable top grill allows you to cook or put the kettle on for added practicality.

Showing 43 - 48 of 48 items

Wood Heating

Wood heating can be a very economical way to create warmth in your home. You don’t even need an existing chimney to own a beautiful wood heater or wood fireplace in today’s day and age.

Our wood heating options include indoor freestanding wood heaters and indoor inbuilt wood fireplaces, offered with installations with our certified installers.

Not only does it create structural definition and vibrance to your interior design, it creates warmer heat than its heating counterparts and is great source of energy in case of emergencies. Wood heating has also been said to be better for the environment.

As Sydney's most established heating shop, we offer the largest range of wood heaters, with all leading brands under one roof, featuring brands like Rinnai, Masport and Regency. With so many brands to choose from, we guarantee you nothing but quality.

We provide great customer service and impeccable quality at remarkably low prices. We want to ensure that our customers are guaranteed the best prices across our range of indoor freestanding wood heaters and indoor inbuilt wood fireplaces. You won’t be able to find this same deal elsewhere!