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Home Electric vs Gas Barbecues: Which is Better?
Home Electric vs Gas Barbecues: Which is Better?

Electric vs Gas Barbecues: Which is Better?

Electric barbecue

Cooking meals on the barbecue is a quintessential Australian summer activity. Summer is the time when it’s warm enough to eat outside, thus bringing out the trusty barbecue.

There is a great debate on whether charcoal or gas BBQs are better. However, this article will discuss whether electric or gas barbecues are better. We will break down the pros and cons of each to help you determine which type of barbecue is best for you and your needs.

Electric Barbecues

Of the three types of barbecues (electric, gas and charcoal), electric barbecues are the least traditional. However, they’ve become more popular over recent years as they’ve gained a reputation for being the healthiest and easiest way to grill.

Unlike gas BBQs, electric grills only require an outlet to work. All they need is to be plugged into the wall or an extension cord, and they heat up in minutes. The barbecue heats up from a heating element that usually sits below a ridged metal cooking surface. They have a thermostat to allow you to alter the cooking temperature very accurately. However, basic models only have a low, medium and high setting. 

Electric barbecues come in various sizes, from countertops to large outdoor set-ups.

So, now that you know what electric BBQs are and how they work, what are the pros and cons?

Pros of electric barbecues

Some of the benefits of owning an electric barbecue include

  • No need to buy or store fuel
  • Relatively cheap to purchase, run and maintain
  • Light and easy to move and transport
  • Simple to clean as they don’t get as dirty as gas or charcoal grills
  • Heats up faster than gas or charcoal barbecues
  • Straightforward temperature control
  • Healthier than other barbecue options
  • Safer than other types of grills

Cons of electric barbecues

  • Require an electricity supply, so cannot be used during a power outage or in areas with no electricity connection
  • Small cooking surfaces
  • Doesn’t provide the same smokey flavour as a charcoal or gas grill
  • Can increase electricity bills if used regularly

Best Electric Barbecues

Electric barbecue

Two of the best electric BBQs we have on offer at Home Fires include

Weber Pulse 1000

The Weber Pulse features everything you need from a traditional barbecue, with the simplicity and convenience of electrical power.

Uniquely integrated with the Weber iGrill smart technology, the Pulse 1000 allows you to measure grill temperatures and track the progress of your food as it cooks on your smart device.

Some of the benefits of this Weber electric barbecue include

  • Porcelain-enamelled, cast iron cooking grills
  • Cast aluminium lid and body
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Status indicator light
  • Aluminium heat retention liners

Weber Pulse 2000

The Weber Pulse 2000 offers everything the Weber Pulse 1000 does, with a few extra features.

Some of the benefits of this Weber electric barbecue

  • Dual zone barbecuing
  • Digital thermometer with LED display
  • Power button with integrated RCD safety function
  • Aluminium heat retention liners

Gas Barbecues

Alongside charcoal barbecues, gas barbecues are the most common type of barbecue perfect for grilling meats. 

Powered by natural gas or propane, gas BBQs produce a strong, hot flame that sears meat like charcoal barbecues. 

One thing that makes gas BBQs great is the available add-on features, including rotisserie set-ups, side burners, smoker boxes and more.

Pros of gas barbecues

Some of the benefits of owning a gas BBQ include

  • More features available than electric barbecues
  • Gives the food a more authentic barbecue flavour
  • Cooks food quickly
  • Heats to cooking temperature fast
  • Quick and easy to clean

Cons of gas barbecues 

  • Propane tanks can be dangerous
  • Large and cannot be portable if connected to a natural gas line
  • Can be expensive to buy gas
  • Can require more maintenance

Best Gas Barbecues

Electric barbecue

Some of the best gas BBQs we have on offer at Home Fires include

BeefEater Bugg Black Freestanding BBQ with Trolley 

The BeefEater Bugg Black BBQ boasts two powerful, independently controlled stainless steel burners to ensure a superior barbecue experience every time.

Some of the benefits of this BBQ include

  • Extra large cooking surface
  • Dual temperature control
  • Easy to clean
  • Allow diecast handle and integrated thermometer

Masport Classic Four Barbecue 

This barbecue is a classic, boasting four stainless steel burners, side burners, a cabinet for storage and more. If you’re looking for a hardy, classic barbecue that gets the job done every time, then the Masport Classic Four Barbecue is for you.

Some of the benefits of this BBQ include

  • Reliable integrated ignition
  • Temperature gauge for controlled cooking
  • Vitreous enamel cast iron grill and hotplate
  • Roasting rack that provides additional room

Weber Spirit II E-310

If you love hosting friends and family at your place, this three burner barbecue will do the trick. With a spacious cooking area, you can cook plenty of food on the go, and the open cart allows you to keep your tools and equipment within arm’s reach.

Some of the benefits of this BBQ include

  • Three stainless steel burners
  • Two porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grills
  • Fixed commercial grade thermometer
  • Heavy duty porcelain coated cast iron hotplate

Gas or Electric: Which Barbecue is Best for You? 

So, now that you know how electric and gas barbecues work and their pros and cons, which type is best for you?

If you are looking for a BBQ that is lightweight, easy to use, cooks quickly and provides a healthier taste, then an electric barbecue is for you.

Suppose you want a BBQ that provides the quintessential barbecue experience while allowing you to cook multiple types of meat at once and provide the classic barbecue flavour. In that case, a gas barbecue is your best choice.

Buy Gas & Electric Barbecues at Home Fires

Owning a BBQ in Australia provides plenty of excuses to have friends or family over to cook up a delicious feast.

With so many different types of barbecues on the market, you can have peace of mind knowing we have the best of the best at Home Fires.

Whether you’re looking to buy a gas or electric barbecue, you can find one to suit your needs and budget. Browse our range of barbecues or contact us for more information. 

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