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Home Freestanding vs Built-In Heaters: Which is Best for You?
Home Freestanding vs Built-In Heaters: Which is Best for You?

Freestanding vs Built-In Heaters: Which is Best for You?

Built-In Heaters


When deciding on which fireplace to install, it can be tricky. There are two main types of fireplaces; freestanding and built-in. Both come with their benefits and disadvantages. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right fireplace for your home, such as affordability, safety, aesthetics and more. 

So, today we will break down the pros and cons of both to help you make an informed decision on which one to install in your home. 

What’s the Difference Between Freestanding Heaters & Built-In Heaters?

Freestanding fireplaces and built-in fireplaces have some apparent differences, such as one is built into the wall, and the other isn’t. But when you consider them as your only two options, you have to look at the specifics. 

To decide on which fireplace to get, you’ll have to consider the factors of aesthetics, warmth, comfort, affordability and safety.  


When deciding which fireplace to get, you have to consider the cost, which can be divided into installation cost and the cost to maintain it. The price will also depend on your home’s current state. 

If you are considering getting a built-in fireplace, it will cost to build a space in your wall to install the fireplace. The existing woodwork can make the installation easier, but overall it will cost more than installing a freestanding fireplace. 

To install a freestanding fireplace, all that needs to be done is to find a spot to put it and install venting pipes. The maintenance and setup for freestanding fireplaces are also more affordable. 



Aesthetics are an essential factor to consider when choosing between a freestanding and built-in fireplace. 

If you want a more minimalistic look, built-in fireplaces are best for you as they can be subtle while also making a statement in the room. 

However, freestanding fireplaces stand out and can look out of place if not installed in the right spot. The best place to install a freestanding fireplace is in the corner of the room. 

The size of the space you have for the fireplace is essential too. While you may like the style of a certain fireplace, its size might offset the aesthetics of your room. So, consider the heater’s dimensions first – freestanding fireplaces are great for larger rooms and spaces rather than smaller ones. 

Warmth and comfort 

If you have a multi-storey home, freestanding fireplaces are the better choice for you as they tend to radiate more heat from all sides. For example, if your fireplace was burning wood downstairs and you were upstairs, after a while, the entire house would be warm.

On the other hand, if you are considering getting a built-in fireplace and already have an existing fireplace chimney, you can use gas inserts to ensure the heat is not lost, and the room stays consistently warm. 

Warmth and comfort


If you have children and pets, you’ll want to keep them away from any fire hazards or similar dangers that come with owning a fireplace. In that case, in terms of safety, a built-in heater is more efficient than a freestanding one. 

Built-in fireplaces are hard to reach, especially if you install a barrier around them for added protection. 

On the other hand, freestanding fireplaces are more harmful if you’re not careful around them. Since the heat is spread equally from all sides, you would have to install fireguards to ensure children do not touch the fireplace, albeit compromising on aesthetics.

Which Heater is Best for You? 

There are many pros and cons to built-in heaters and freestanding heaters. 

However, if safety, warmth and aesthetics are your primary concerns, then a built-in heater is right for you. If you’re looking for a more traditional fireplace that isn’t too expensive to install and maintain, then a freestanding fireplace is best for you. 

If you’re still having trouble deciding which fireplace to install in your home, contact the team at Home Fires. We know everything about fireplaces and are happy to help you choose the best one for your home. 

Browse our range of fireplaces or contact us to learn more. 

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