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Home Looking After Your BBQ Over Winter
Home Looking After Your BBQ Over Winter

Looking After Your BBQ Over Winter

Winter BBQ care

When the temperature drops, it’s common to find yourself spending less time around the BBQ. While you can grill all year round (and busting out the BBQ in winter has its benefits), there are many reasons this quintessential Australian activity becomes less popular during the colder months. The chilly weather is often unpredictable and can rain on your parade, your backyard grows darker sooner, and your grill takes longer to heat up, using more fuel in the process. If you’re ready to pack your grill away until the weather warms up again, you may be wondering how to store a BBQ for winter.

It might be tempting to leave your BBQ right where you last used it, especially if it’s waterproof. But that’s not a good idea. Without the right BBQ preparation for cold weather, your first BBQ of spring might be attended by rust, mould, and insects.

As Sydney’s longest-running independent fireplace retailer, Home Fires knows quality BBQs and how to take care of them. Follow a few simple tips to keep your own BBQ in good condition and prevent the onset of BBQ mould over winter. Here’s the Home Fires guide to how to store a BBQ properly over winter.

Cleaning and Preparing Your BBQ for Storage

When it comes to BBQ preparation for cold weather, a proper cleaning, a cover and a safe place are essential. If it’s a gas BBQ that you’re putting away for hibernation, disconnect the propane tank before you put the cover on. Make sure you store the LPG cylinder outside and follow safe storage procedures.

Cleaning and preparing a BBQ for winter storage is essential before you pack it away. Here are some tips to follow to prepare your BBQ:

  • Turn your BBQ’s temperature up as high as it can go, and let it stay that way for 20 minutes. This will burn off any stray food particles or grease and make it easier to clean.
  • Wait until the BBQ has cooled down a bit but is still warm, and use a grill stone to clean the inside. Scrape off all the residue and then wipe the surface using a damp cloth.
  • When the BBQ has completely cooled down, use soap and water to clean the interior and the grates.
  • If your BBQ is a charcoal one, empty the ashtray and wash it properly.
  • Coat your BBQ’s grates in hot oil to stop them from rusting.
  • Cover your BBQ with a high-quality grill cover to prevent BBQ mould over winter. Make sure the straps are secure so the wind can’t blow the cover off and animals can’t get in.
  • Store your BBQ in a safe indoor space like a basement, garage or shed to prevent mildew and rust.

Problems to Look Out For With BBQ Winter Storage

It’s common for problems to arise when you pack your BBQ away for long periods, especially with cold weather in the mix. Fortunately, some knowledge of how to store a BBQ properly for winter can keep them away. Issues to watch out for include:

BBQ mould over winter

When the weather warms up, and you’re ready to bring out your BBQ again, mould can be an unwelcome guest. Cleaning your BBQ thoroughly before you pack it away and storing it away from rain and sleet helps you protect it from the menace of mould.


Rust on a stored BBQ is caused by excess moisture. To prevent rust, cover your BBQ with a good cover and make sure it’s completely dry before you put it away. Each time you use your BBQ, clean fat, grease and other cooking residue off with warm, soapy water.


Backyard creatures like insects and rodents can make their home inside your grill and potentially cause harm. Keeping your BBQ covered and storing it in a secure location will help keep these pesky critters away.

Weight damage

When you’re storing your BBQ in your garage or shed, do not place heavy items on top of it for long periods; otherwise, you might damage its exterior or components.

Other Winter Storage Tips for BBQs

Some more tips for how to store a BBQ over winter include:

Store your BBQ inside, or at least protect it from the elements

A shed, garage or similar environment away from direct sunlight is the ideal spot to keep your BBQ safe over the winter months. If your only option is to store your BBQ outside, at least make sure it’s sheltered from the sun, rain and wind. Storing a grill in a moist spot is how you get mould.

Inspect your BBQ for storage

On top of giving your BBQ a proper clean, check its components for damage before you put it away. Replace any damaged parts, and you can prevent further deterioration while your BBQ is in hibernation.

Close your BBQ up securely

It may be a simple measure, but it’s easy to forget: Close all the lids, doors, vents, and other openings on your BBQ so that pests don’t have an easy access point.

Regularly maintain your BBQ

Check on your BBQ over winter to make sure it remains in good condition, looking for signs of damage or rust as you go. Better yet, pull it out every now and again and warm up by cooking a family feast on the grill.

All Your BBQ Needs Met With Home Fires

When you need a BBQ that can last all year long, Home Fires is your BBQ specialist in Sydney. A trusted name for over 40 years, we have BBQs for sale from leading brands like Weber, Beef Eater, Gasmate, and Masport, plus all the BBQ accessories you need.

With industry-leading customer service and warranties, Home Fires will provide you with a BBQ that lets you cook delicious meals for your family every season.
To find out more, contact the Home Fires team or pop into our Minto or Casula stores!

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