Lopi Evergreen Wood Heater


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The mid-sized Evergreen wood stove with its gentle curved lines complements any home’s decor while artfully presenting heavy gauge steel unibody construction and a cast iron door. The result is exquisite and reliable heating for decades to come.

With the standard bypass damper we’ve given you full control over the flow of smoke inside your Evergreen. Simply open the bypass via the pull ring located just above the door to draw smoke away from the door and up the chimney. Close the damper to drive smoke around the baffle and initiate the efficient secondary combustion process. Your burn rate, from a mellow overnight burn to a large rolling fire, is effortlessly managed by a single air control knob found below the stove’s door.

*Price excluding flue and installation

Specs & Options
Heating Capacity

Up to 250Sqm

Maximum Burn Time

Up to 10 Hours


Peak 67% – Average 62%




6.35 to 4.76mm Steel Plate

Firebox Size

.062 Cubic Metres

Maximum Log Size


Venting System

6" Active Pipe – Triple Skin Flue System (150 – 250mm)

GreenStart™ Compatible

GreenStart™ Compatible


Included as Standard – Rear Mounted