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Home The highest rated Weber BBQs
Home The highest rated Weber BBQs

The highest rated Weber BBQs

Tasting the history with Weber BBQs

Believed to originate from the word barbacoa, used by the Spanish to describe the method of slow-cooking meat over a wooden platform they saw in the Caribbean, barbecue is nowadays an inevitable part of both casual and fine dining. However, most people confuse barbecue with grill. Barbecuing means that you are cooking for a longer time at a low temperature with the lid closed. In contrast to this “slow and low” technique, grilling is cooking the food fast and hot, with the lid up. BBQ will make your food soft and juicy; grill will crisp and smoke it up.

In Australia, people call it a “barby” or “barbie” and it is one of the favourite summer pastimes in the land down under. However, if you can’t have enough of BBQ, why have it just over the summer? With Weber BBQs, you can treat yourself anytime you want.

Invented in 1952 by George Stephen, who worked on manufacturing marine buoys for Weber Brothers Metal Work at the time, George’s barbecue kettle entered the history and took the world by storm. Taste the history with Weber’s “top 5 most wanted” BBQs.

Quality and Style: Top 5 Weber’s BBQs

1. The Original Premium Kettle with Gourmet Barbecue System Grill

The Original Premium Kettle with Gourmet Barbecue System Grill is made after the original George’s barbecue kettle, and it is Weber’s top range product. In addition to the features of the Original Premium Kettle, this beloved kettle has a Tuck-Away lid holder and Gourmet Barbecue System cooking grill. This hack will make sure that the cover slides back and out of your way once you reach for the food. Other benefits include removable aluminum ash catcher, plated steel cooking grate, lid handle with heat shield, porcelain-enameled bowl and lid, and aluminized steel Touch-One cleaning system.

2. Weber Family Q Premium

Called the winner of Australian backyards, Weber Family Q Premium is suitable for big parties. It is perfect for roasting, cooks the food fast, and it is extremely economical. This modern gas grill with the power of two burners also has a built-in lid thermometer, stainless steel burners, convenient side tables that you can fold and remove, infinite control burner valve, and electronic ignition. It comes in titanium, red, and black color.

3. Weber Family Q 3100

Similar to the previous model, Weber Family Q 3100 is somewhat smaller, lighter and more convenient if you are more of a family-gathering rather than a party person. It comes with the same features as the Premium model; just that color range availability is titanium and black when it comes to this one. Overall, Q 3100 is the perfect choice for your patio.

4. Weber Q 2200

Affordable, compact, and portable is what characterizes Weber Q 2200. This model is big enough for your everyday BBQ, yet you can easily pack it up and bring it along wherever you go. Folding side shelves, higher lid for larger roasts, continuous-spark electronic ignition system and built-in thermometer will get your burgers, hot dogs, or fish fillets done easily and quickly.

5. Weber Baby Q 1200

Weber Baby Q 1200 is taking economy and flexibility to another level. It is small enough to set it up on a city balcony or a boot of your car, yet big enough to roast a whole chicken and family meal. This “baby” model is also known as the “traveling” barbecue because you can take it with you wherever you head off. It can execute over 100 meals from a single 9kg gas bottle, and you can have it in titanium, black, green, blue, orange, purple, or fuchsia color. At the beach, or in the woods, Baby Q is the king of convenience and best meals.

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