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Home Which Fireplace is Right for You? Here Are Your Options
Home Which Fireplace is Right for You? Here Are Your Options

Which Fireplace is Right for You? Here Are Your Options


With so many beautiful, contemporary and on-trend fireplaces available, living in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia, finding the right one can be daunting.

Should you go for the striking design of a free-standing wood heater, gas log heater or a contemporary gas style with ultra-realistic flickering flames?

As Sydney’s longest and leading independent fireplace retailer, we certainly know a thing or two! So join us in our helpful fireplace guide to make the right choice for yourself.

How do I Choose a Fireplace?

Not only does the perfect place present a cosy and glowing focal point to your room, but it can also add that extra bit of detail to show off your style.

A fireplace is often an investment piece, so it’s crucial to do your homework before diving in.


Style is obviously going to be one of the first considerations for those who are looking for an uber-modern touch. 

Some of the best fireplace retailers in Sydney can offer gorgeous contemporary gas fireplaces which blow the traditional gas fire completely out of the water! Logs specially created to look like driftwood can add the wow factor to your space.

Or if you prefer the real thing when it comes to nature, a wood burner might work better as a style statement that can be available either built-in or freestanding for a cohesive fit with your decor.


If you are installing a wood burner type fireplace, you will need to create a vent to an outside wall, which may alter the layout of your room. So bear this in mind if you decide to go for this type.

Many new homes won’t provide the external ventilation that would have been historically provided by a chimney necessary for this type of installation.

Think about the whole room

So, similar to installing wood burner vents, a new fireplace will often require home modifications or even a whole new system.

It’s important to think about the aesthetic visuals of your fireplace and the unseen areas that may need modification.

Depending on the style, you might need a chimney opening up or some new pipework.

This is obviously going to add to your budget. And you might need to factor in the spending on leaving your home while the work is being carried out.

Does the width of a wall matter?

As with any design features fireplaces included, you need to consider the wall size.

So we don’t need to tell you a tiny fireplace on a huge wall will look seriously out of place and vice versa.

Our experts suggest that there should be an approximate ratio of 1:2 fireplace to a blank wall space.

Before you check out the best fireplace options available in Sydney, ensure you’ve included some basic measurements along with your wish list.

Freestanding or built-in?

This is another chief consideration when deciding on wood fire style. The contemporary look of a built-in wood fireplace gives a sleek modern look, whereas free standing can either bring a rustic look to your space, but can also work well with more current decor.

Having the required floor space in the area you want to place your freestanding fireplace is a consideration, alongside the necessary ventilation if you choose a non-built style.

For more help, head over to our article. Freestanding vs Built-In Heaters: Which is Best for You?

With a few considerations in place, let’s find out more about choosing one of the most common types of fireplaces, gas.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas Fireplaces

According to recent surveys, there are a few reasons why gas fireplaces not only in Sydney, Australia and everywhere in the world are enjoying an upward trend.

The leading cause why many Sydney homeowners and those all across the globe are opting for gas fires is chiefly because of their simple operating system, lightweight and decorative elements.

Gone are the old tired, frankly depressing looking gas fires of the last century, replaced by some of the most gorgeous models with realistic flames and wood effects.

These newer updated gas fires would fool the most discerning buyer into thinking they were watching the real flames dance in the fireplace from real logs.

With a vast range of inbuilt, freestanding and portable heaters, there is one to match your needs.

With cleverly styled frameless gas heaters, there is no need to compromise on your interior design goals!

Many of the newer styles require very little in terms of flues or vents, which gives you the freedom to have the heating heart of a cosy flickering fireplace in any position around your home.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces

It’s no surprise when we understand from business analysts that electric fireplace sales are due to increase dramatically by 2028 and that electric fireplaces are growing in popularity.

An electric fireplace is possibly one of the easiest types to add to your existing home decor without needing a system, pipework changes, flues or vents.

Simply plug in and go! This also gives you a wealth of options if you like to change your interior designs frequently or simply have a change of heart!

This can make an electric fireplace a great option as your needs change, along with no loss of heat through venting as opposed to gas fires and their wood counterparts.

Anyone wondering which fireplace is right for them can enjoy thoughtful extras and sleek contemporary looks by choosing one of the best electric fireplaces.

Wood Fireplace

Wood Fireplace

There is nothing more pleasing than the sight and gentle heat and Amber flames of a real wood fire.

As both an attractive and efficient way to heat a room, they burn fuel efficiently, produce little ash and save money on fuel bills. So it’s not surprising that around 10% of Australians use wood fireplaces in their home, according to The Australian Bureau of statistics.

As another type of fireplace that might be right for you, they also require little maintenance and are easy to use. As an added bonus, some of the best wood fireplaces also offer a cooking plate, and they also contribute to local woodland management with a worthwhile contribution to wildlife.

As we mentioned earlier, you will need a chimney or a stainless steel pipe to make sure the gases are removed from your home.

It’s with knowing that this flexible pipe or flue costs around $125 per metre. The flue needs to extend just over half a metre from the top of the roof, so the cost will depend on the height of your home.

In Summary

So, for anyone in Sydney, we hope our helpful fireplace guide has given you lots of inspiration!

If you are busy online researching the best ‘fireplace store near me’, then look no further!

Don’t forget to check out our store to find a huge range of fireplaces from all the major brands and bring a cosy warm glow to your relaxing spaces.

Click here If you would like to chat with one of our experts about which fireplace is right for you, or visit our store today.

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